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Pest Control

Historically Pest Control companies applied materials to the baseboards of the home in the areas where insects were seen. This is old technology with a hit or miss approach to Pest Control. Ace Pest Management is on the cutting edge when it comes to our Pest Management programs, and we are proud to be the only exterminator to use a certified bed bug detection dog - Sadie (click here).

Our people and animal friendly service is designed with your comfort and quality of life in mind. Our technicians understand insect behavior, knowing where they live and hide. We also know what materials to use for the target pest, how much to use and when to apply it.

  • Yearly Pest Control
  • IPM
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fire Ants
  • Rodents
  • Termites

Once a Year Pest Control

Have it Done the Right Way - The Ace Way!

  1. Trees and Shrubs treated to eliminate any future infestations to structure
  2. Clear drying insect barrier around windows, doors, eves (entry points)
  3. Insecticide dust in attic
  4. Dust insecticide in wall voids
  5. Baited jells for cabinets
  6. Moisture activated granules around perimeter for a long lasting barrier
  7. Tracks of windows treated with a long lasting residual
  8. Eves web wiped and sprayed

If the bugs come back, so do we at no charge!

Integrated Pest Management

What is IPM?  This question is often asked, and many times ill-defined, so it is no surprise that there is a lot of confusion about this important topic.

IPM is a process that involves using common sense and sound solutions for treating and controlling pests.  These solutions incorporate three basic steps

  1. Inspection
  2. Identification
  3. Treatment

Treatment options vary from sealing cracks and removing food and water sources to pesticide applications when necessary.

Most importantly, IPM requires a partnership between you and your pest control professional.  By working together, you will have the peace of mind that your family and home will be protected against pest-related health and property threats.

When it comes to IPM, there are very few "standard operating protocols."  Instead, your pest professional will assess YOUR unique situation and develop a comprehensive management plan to cure your pest problem.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are another one of those critters that just send shivers through most people.  Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere people gather!

Bed bugs are usually brought into the house from the outside, on clothing, baggage, second-hand furniture, or in laundry done in an infested home. Social stigma is attached to the bed bug more than to any other insect.  This is unfair since the most conscientious homemaker may bring them in on his or her clothing after brushing up against someone while shopping or spending an afternoon at the movies.

Once in the house, the bed bug will hide all day in the most out-of-the-way place it can find.  Its hiding place may be a good distance from the bed - in wall spaces, floor cracks, behind partitions, in furniture, or it may burrow into the mattress tufts or crawl in among the crevices of the bed frame.

Wherever it hides, it has an uncanny instinct for finding its way easily to the bed when the lights are out.  They will climb up from the floor, climb walls, or drop from ceilings with ease to get at their victims.  They are attracted to your body warmth and the carbon dioxide you exhale.

Because of the increased amount of traveling we do today, compared to a few decades ago, bed bugs can be a real problem in hotels, buses, airplanes, and other areas where groups of people gather together.  Buildings that house several people or families at once can also cause infestation problems (apartment buildings, condos, senior citizen homes, etc.) since the bed bugs can travel between walls with ease.

Habits of Bed Bugs

If no food is available, the bed bug can live a long time without it. If, however, it is accustomed to eating regularly, it will die much sooner when provisions are cut off. Extremely cold weather will take away its appetite but lengthen its life cycle considerably. One characteristic of the bed bug is its smell, which is caused by the secretion of an oily liquid from the scent glands. It is usually particularly noticeable around places long used by groups of the bugs for daytime seclusion.

Schedule Your Free Bedbug Inspection

If you suspect you have a bedbug problem, or you just want the piece of mind knowing your home is bedbug free, then contact us to schedule you free bedbug inspection (click here).  A trained bedbug specialist will conduct a bedbug inspection and recommend treatments and programs that will minimize your chances of infestation. 

Fire Ants - Treatment with TopChoice

TopChoice is a granular insecticide that provides unsurpassed control of fire ants. Available only through lawn care or pest control professionals, TopChoice offers several important advantages:

    •   Apply any time of year.
    •   TopChoice works all year long - Fire ants are most active when the temperature is cool and when the ground is moist. In hot, dry weather, deeply embedded ants are not as apt to crawl over or through the insecticide granules. However, applications made to turf under these conditions will be warehoused until the ants begin to actively build mounds and forage on the surface. Irrigation or rainfall will bring ants to the surface where they will come into contact with the active ingredient.
    •   Long residual effect - TopChoice kills existing colonies of fire ants and prevents new colonies from establishing for up to one year. After its initial release into the soil profile, TopChoice binds tightly to the soil creating a lasting barrier, one that's not affected by heavy rainfall. Because it acts gradually, TopChoice kills foraging workers, but not before they carry the insecticide back to the colony and spread it to the queens and other ants.
    •   Unique mode of action - Fipronil (the active ingredient in TopChoice) acts on the GABA receptors of insects, switching off nerve impulses and causing severe disruption of the insect's nervous system
    •   Controls secondary pests - Besides providing effective control of fire ants for one year, TopChoice also controls mole crickets for four months, nuisance ants for three months, and fleas and ticks for one month
    •   High safety profile - TopChoice is selectively toxic to insects, and optimum control is achieved with extremely low dose rates. Because of its selective effects, there are no concerns about family or pets when TopChoice is applied by a professional.



The Norway Rat and the Roof Rat

Rats are the most destructive Vertebrates in the world.
Thousands of rat bites are reported in the U.S. each year.
They carry diseases such as the Plague, Salmonella, and Rabies.
Rats contaminate the human environment and food supplies with their excrement and hair.


How Can I Tell the Difference Between a Norway Rat and Roof Rat?

Examine the tail! If the tail is shorter than the head and body together, it's a Norway rat.

Rodent Reproduction/Infestation/Habits

Sexually Mature 4-6 Weeks After Birth
One Male and Female Couple Can Produce 128 Babies In a Year
On Average, Norway Rats Produce 8-14 Pups per Litter, Roof Rats Produce 7-9 Pups
Both Rats Can Produce up to 12 Litters in a year (Under Ideal Conditions) 

Signs of an Infestation:

Wet or Dried Urine
Tracks, Rub, or Smudge Marks on Dusty Surfaces
Gnaw Marks
Partially Eaten Citrus Fruit
Noises in Attics or Walls, Especially at Night

Rodent Habits:

Travel No More Than 150 Feet From Nest
Poor Vision, But Keen Sense Of Smell And Taste
Constantly Gnawing to DULL Teeth
Excellent Climbers & Swimmers
Navigate Along Walls to Avoid Natural Predators
Can Jump to Heights of 3 Feet
Can Climb Rough Walls, Pipes, Wires and Virtually Anything Else That Can Be Scaled

Ace Rodent Control


Property Damage by Rodents



Keeping Rodents Out

5 Step Rodent Control
$2 Billion in damage in the U.S. each year.
1.   Screen roof vent pipes       
Inspection - Begins with the customer interview, followed by a visual inspection, noting all of our findings.  We Invite Customer Participation In Inspection Process
Cause 8% of all house fires in the U.S.

Screen air conditioning runway

Identification - Identify Species; Identify Exterior "Conductive Conditions and entry points:  (e.g., grassy areas, shrubbery); Identify Interior nesting sites (e.g., evidence of shredded paper, fecal droppings) and food sources (e.g., pet food.)
Destroys electrical wires, wood posts and even soft metal pipes.

Screen turbine bonnet

Plan of Action - Formulate “Plan of Action” for identified species.  Consider the “CUSTOMERS NEEDS” (e.g., children and pets, urgency of situation and follow up).  Consider rat management options and how to Pro-Actively address any future re-infestation.  Plan Exclusion activities and Eradication of the existing infestation.
Destructive behavior can result in fires from exposed wiring and gas/sewer line leaks.

Screen eave vents

Control and Prevention - Eradicate the largest possible portion of the  rat population with a “Thorough  Initial  Service.”  Use Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) steps:  Sanitation, Exclusion,  Elimination
Will gnaw through anything softer than its teeth, including aluminum and adobe brick

Screen block on base of manufactured home

Communication - Discuss with the customer all inspection findings, exclusionary/trapping activities imposed and the technician’s intent to monitor the Traps until the infestation is resolved.  We return within 48 hours to check the traps and remove any trapped rodents. Traps are monitored 3X per week for the first two weeks, and then as needed.  Remember, we Do NOT clean up rodent droppings

Stuff stainless steel or bronze wool in holes under sinks and in crevices around exterior pipes

Good Housekeeping

Trim Tree Branches Away From House, As Rodents Use These As A Bridge Onto The Roof

Garbage Disposal is a must

Restrict Access to Pet Food


Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are one of the oldest insects known to man.  The oldest fossilized remains of subterranean termites date back 55 million years ago.

Subterranean termites are the most destructive of all termites in the United States causing nearly 2 billion dollars damage annually.  Termite control costs homeowners more than 1 billion dollars a year.  There are approximately 45 termite species native to the United States.  Termites are most active in warmer climates, such as those found in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  Termite colonies typically consist of between 500,000 to 1,000,000 individuals.  A healthy colony of termites is the equivalent to a 200 pound animal feeding on a home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Termites are constantly looking for more food and will travel up to several hundred feet away from the colony to forage for food.

We Can Help Prevent Termite Damage in the First Place!

Termite treatments vary depending on the type of termite, location, and type of structure.  Ace Pest Management will perform a professional and thorough inspection of your home or business, and recommend a treatment solution designed specifically for you.  We work with YOU, the owner, to determine what's right for you and your family.

Here at Ace Pest Management, we use cutting edge technology to protect your home or business against termites and the damage they cause.

Call or email today for more information about our services.